COLO TABS30 the newly-designed model with opening water tank on the top, strictly meets the standard of EN13060, which makes wash and cleaning much more convenient. It adopts European B standard with 3-times pre-vacuum preceding vacuum drying. Residual humidity is less than 0.2%. Vacuum measurement reaches-0.8bar.It sterilizes and sanitizes miscellaneous packed or unpacked medical instruments, Whether solid or A-type hollow, whether with multi-apertures or inset pipes. It efficiently tides air from every hollow area of any hollow instrument, such as hand-piece, making sure that water steam reaches every corner. Fuzzily computer controlled, digital bright show. The interface is modularized panel for easy operation. It is installed with BOWIE/DICK which measures the penetration of water steam. Mini printer can be attached to record the process of sterilization. 

Sterilizaton Class: Class B
Steriliztion temperature 121ºC/134ºC
Special Program: HIV, HBV long sterilization program
Dry System: Vacuum drying system
Testing System: Bowie&Dick Test, Vacuum Test, Helix Test
Temperature Control: 0,1ºC
Pressure Control: 0,001bar
Sterilization Data: Optional printer
Water Supply System: Water tank easy to clean 3,5/4l
Saety System: Relief valve, electronic lock door system, pressure lock system, Pressure or temperature overload protection, Alarm system
Tray Holder: 5 layers tray holder with 3 tray
Chamber: Medical stainless stell 304, ma working pressure 2,3bar, max temp. 145ºC
Operation temperature 5≈40°C
Water consuption in one cycle: 0,16-0,18l
Noise: <50dBA



Price - EUR 1.980

Steam Sterilizer Class B
Temperature 121°C/134°C
Free EC Shipment
VAT not Included

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 Model  Voltage/Power  Chamber size mm Outside size mm   Packing size Net Weight kg 
 TABS4018  220/1500W  Φ245x360  510x620x440 580x720x540  52
 TABS4023  220/1700W  Φ245x470  510x720x440 580x830x540  58

COLO centrifuge LACE24 is a clinical centrifuge most suitable for smaller laboratories tasked with analysis of blood, and urine. Medicine & medical research, as well as routine laboratory work are only some of the fields for which this centrifuge is most suitalbe for.




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