DECX Technical Balance

DECX COLO laboratory technical balance

DECX® Series High Loading Balances with excelent weiging performance, perform routine and research weighing. With all range custom calibration method, weighing in all range is sharp and stable. Backlight increases visibility in all conditions. Optional battery power provides the opportunity to work with scales independent of the power supply.

  • Brand: DECX®
  • Capacity:6kg/10kg/15kg/30kg
  • Resolution: 0.1g
  • Pan Size: 255 x 190mm
  • Display: LCD with Backlight
  • Unit: g, ct, oz, lb, GN, %, pcs
  • Rechergeable batery (optional)


Calibration weight is included


Price - from EUR 185

Technical Balance 0,1g
Free EC Shipment
VAT not Included


 Model DECX6
 Weighing Capacity: 6Kg 10Kg 15Kg 20Kg 30Kg
 Readbility: 0,1g
 Repeatability:  ± 0,2g
 Linearity ± 0,2g
 Stabilisaton time: 3-5 seconds
 Calibration: External
 RS232 Interface: Yes
 Mode:  Weighing; parts counting; percentage;
 Dimensions (L * W * H): 300 * 190 * 100


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