LACE24 Table Top Centrifuge

LACE24 a 

The LACE-24 Centrifuges are widely used for qualitative measuring of blood, plasma, serum, and other fluids. The high torque, low maintenance, and simple interface, combined with low-level vibrations, high quality build, and programmable software, makes these centrifuges suitalbe for all working environments. 

Max. Speed: 4000rpm
Capacity: 24x10ml
Fixed rotor
Motor: brushless
Safety Measure: lid lock
Speed and breaking adjustment
Steel rotor housing and metal centrifuge body
Timer: 0-99 min
Conversion of RPM and RCF
Overheating and overweighting prevention mechanism
Weight: 21kg/23kg
Power Supply: 220V AC
Display shows rotation speed, time, rotor number, and RCF
Noise: <45dBA


Price - EUR 586

Laboratory Centrifuge 4000rpm
Fixed Rotor 24 x 10 ml
Free EC Shipment
VAT not Included
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 Rotor:   Type:   Capacity:   Max. Speed/xg
 31601  Angle Rotor  30x5ml  4000rpm/2010xg
 31602  Angle Rotor  12x15ml  4000rpm/2150xg
 31603  Angle Rotor  12x20ml  4000rpm/2220xg
 31604  Angle Rotor  18x10ml  4000rpm/2250xg
 31605  Angle Rotor  30x7ml  4000rpm/2250xg
 31606  Angle rotor  6x50ml  4000rpm/2100xg
 31607  Angle Rotor  24x10ml  4000rpm/2200xg
 32665  Swing out rotor  4x10ml  4000rpm/2610xg
 32666  Swing out rotor  4x15ml  4000rpm/2610xg

COLO centrifuge LACE24 is a clinical centrifuge most suitable for smaller laboratories tasked with analysis of blood, and urine. Medicine & medical research, as well as routine laboratory work are only some of the fields for which this centrifuge is most suitalbe for.


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