LACE16ER High Speed Refrigerated Microcentrifuge


High speed, compact, table top, micro refrigerated laboratory centrifuge LACE16ER with different type of angle rotors, is standard scientific laboratory centrifuge widely used in the field of molecular biology. With speed of 16000rpm  with 19040xg of centrifugal force, and with versatile selection of rotors and adapters will make your work in laboratory easier and more efficient. Fast and powerful-cooling.

Max. Speed: 16000rpm
Max. Capacity 10 x 5ml
5 type angle rotors
Brushless motor
Lid lock safety
Speed and breaking adjustment
Steel motor casing and metal centrifuge body
Timer: 0-99 min
Temperature range: -20C°-40C°
Conversion of RPM and RCF
Overheating and over-weight protection
Weight: 43kg/60kg
Power supply: 220V AC
Display shows rotation speed, time, rotor number, and RCF
Noise level: <55dBA

Price - EUR 2450

Laboratory Centrifuge 16000rpm
Max. capacity 10 x 5ml
Free EC Shipment
VAT not Included
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 Rotor  Type   Capacity   Max. Speed/xg
 30401  Angle Rotor  12x1,5/2ml  16000rpm/19040xg
 30402  Angle Rotor  40x0.5ml  13000rpm/17210xg
 30403  Angle Rotor  24x1,5/2ml  14000rpm/17950xg
 30405  Angle Rotor  20x1,5/2ml  14000rpm/15580xg
 30416  Angle Rotor  30x0.5ml  13000rpm/13900xg
 31001  Angle Rotor  40x0.2ml  16000rpm/19040xg
 31004  Angle Rotor  10x5ml  16000rpm/17800xg
COLO High Speed Micro Centrifuge LACE16ER is a high quality scientific research grade device with the aplication in the field of molecular biology, research laboratory, ideal for separating the chemical supstances in th cell and purify microorganisms, bacteria..  

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