OPTIC900/900T Biological Microscope

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OPTIC900T series biological microscope is a kind of cost-effective advanced laboratory microscope which is designed for the area of medicine clinical and biology research. OPTIC900T also can supply with refocus stage.

Equipped with universal infinity independent plan achromatic optical system, chromatic aberrations and curvature of field are both ideally corrected over the field of view. And the OPTIC objectives own higher NA's producing crisp, clear images with minimal flare.

High eye-point, Wide field of view eyepiece, and its diopter is adjustable. Standard 10X eyepieces view-field can be chose between 20mm and 22mm. And high eye-point eyepiece with the distance up to 21mm view-field can bring you wider vision and more comfortable feeling.


  • Optics System: Infinity Independent Plan Achromatic Optical System F=200mm
  • Viewing Head :Seidentopf trinocular tube, Interpupillary distance 52~
  • 75mm, 30°inclined, trinocular light is split 20/80 by a high quality prism, diopter adjustable.
  • Eyepiece: WF10X/20mm, High eye-point up to 21mm.
  • Nosepiece: Quadruple, inward
  • Objectives: Plan Achromatic 4X/0.10, WD=12.31mm
  • Plan Achromatic 10X/0.25, WD=5.03mm
  • Plan Achromatic 40X/0.65(S), WD=0.72mm
  • Plan Achromatic 100X/1.25 (S,O), WD=0.17mm
  • Stage: Double Stage: 156×138mm platform, with X/Y travel of 76×54mm by low-positioned X/Y coaxial control knob, with scale mark and specimen-slide clip, enough space to hold 2 specimen-slide
  • Condenser: Abbe condenser: NA=1.25, with iris diaphragm, with socket to accommodate PH-slide. Condenser center adjustable, color-coded diaphragm scale markings cooresponded with the objectives of different powers.
  • Electric parts: 6V/20W Halogen Bulb: Input: 100~240V 0.5A, 47~63Hz, Output: 6V 3.4A, Fuse: 3.15A, 250V, FΦ5×20mm, Halogen Bulb Socket: G4
  • Focusing: Coaxial coarse and fine focusing knob, height adjustable.
  • Filter: Blue
  • Imerse Oil: 8ml
  • Illumination: 6V 20W Osram Halogen Bulb
  • With field diaphragm (inside Kohler)


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